10 ways to keep your hot dog cool

The UK is basking in glorious sunshine. With temperatures on the rise, our canine friends need our help to keep them happy and hydrated.

Top 10 tips for making sure that your dogs stays cool this summer:

1. Never leave your dog in the car in warm weather – even for a few minutes. The temperature inside a car can be double the outside temperature, so opening a window simply isn’t enough to keep the car cool. (The same applies to conservatories and caravans.) Take your dog with you

2. When thirsty, dogs will drink anything they can find (the sweet taste of anti-freeze, for example, might appeal on a scorching hot day). Keep a close eye on your pooch when he’s outside, and make sure he has a constant supply of fresh, cool, clean water. Try a water fountain or a cooling bowl. Look out for excessive panting or laboured breathing as this could mean they’re overheated.

3. Save walkies for the early morning and evening, avoiding the hottest part of the day when pavements and paths can scorch delicate paws. Always take a water bottle with you on walks and stop in shaded areas every so often.

4. Look after their paws. Have you ever been unable to walk barefoot on a beach because you can’t stand the heat? Your pooch doesn’t have shoes for protection, so make sure you do the above along with checking their paws regularly for damage. After walks you could place wet towels on their pads to soothe them. You could also try doggy boots!

5. Sunscreen isn’t just for humans, dogs burn too! Apply a good pet sunscreen to protect their skin, nose and ears. Light-coloured dogs and dogs without dark pigmentation around their nose, eyes and ears and nose are the most likely to suffer so if this applies to your pooch take extra care.

6. Help your dog to stay cool by keeping them groomed and clipped properly and regularly (especially long-haired breeds.) Prevent their coat from becoming matted with regular brushing, or make an appointment with a professional grooming service. Long, thick coats can help some dogs in both cold and hot weather and removing this natural insulation could cause overheating. Check with a vet or a professional groomer before you make any rash decisions.

7. Invest in cooling products. There are some fantastic products on the market that are designed specifically to help out hot dogs. Ruffwear’s Swamp Cooler Vest naturally evaporates heat, keeping your dog cool. Simply soak the vest in cold water, wring it out, and put it on your pooch. Your dog’s body heat will be absorbed by the water before evaporation takes it away, and the pale colour reflects the sun’s harsh rays. Buy now. The Danish Design Cooling Mat will cool your canine down for up to one hour. It’s filled with a pet- friendly, non-toxic gel that’s cool to the touch. You can buy one here.  Or, if you really feel like treating them you can buy them a doggy paddling pool, shop here!



8. Have you tried a doggy ice pop yet? Everyone’s doing it and we can see why! It’s a fun, safe and effective way to ensure your dog is kept cool on hot summer days. Freeze some meat flavoured stock with fruit, dog biscuits and even real meat if you like! Thanks to Dee over on our Twitter page for showing us this great pic of Spud enjoying his!  You can pretty much put in whatever you deem appropriate, but you can check out some recipes here! Kong toys are great for filling up with goodies and freezing, a treat best enjoyed outside that’s for sure! Try filling it with stock or canned food and freeze for the ultimate refreshment. You can shop our Kong toys here.

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9. We all know that dogs love to swim, whether it be muddy bogs or sparkling reservoirs! It’s great fun for them and an equally great way to cool down. Nevertheless, swimming can be quite strenuous so don’t let them overdo it! Look out for blue-green algae too which is poisonous to your pooch, click here for more info.

10. Hose them down! Most dogs could usually benefit from a good wash, we know Scooby does! Spritzing them with water after a walk or letting them leap through the sprinklers or hose pipe will get them smelling fresh and cool as a cucumber.

We’d love to hear how you keep your dogs cool when temperatures rise. Do you have any doggy ice pop recipes you’d like to share? Or is there something you do that we’ve missed? Check out the comments below from our pet pals for even more top advice…