Welcoming your New Puppy: 12 Top Tips from Owners

We asked Facebook users for their top tips for welcoming new pups into their home…

1. “The best advice I had was to use a cage. Brilliant for toilet training. As long as they’re put out before settling down and first thing in morning, they’ll be fine through the night. And they treat the cage as their place to go to chill. Also socialising which I’ve now realised is no 1 in dog training!” – Carol

2. “Be the boss even though you want to cuddle all the time, stay calm and have a lot of patience” – Kate

3. “Make sure you have all you need puppy foods toys and a bed and teach the animal we’re they are going to the toilet show them the place to pee and praise them every time they wee or poo” – Shirley

4. “When they’re allowed out and you start socialising them in the big wide world…. It really isn’t necessary at all for them to meet every dog they come across nor should you leave it to other dogs to correct yours & teach it manners, that’s down to you” – Carmen

5. “Don’t expect a perfect obedient dog pugs have a mind of their own. Crate train it from young. Give plenty of rubber toys to teeth on. And expect not to be alone round the house anymore they follow you everywhere” – Sharon

6. “Give him a cardboard box for a bed at first, as he is bound to shred it. You can buy him a proper one when he is past the chewy stage.” – Mary

7. “Get up in the night and let your puppy out. I do and never had a dirty puppy” – Beverley

8. “Don’t allow lots of visitors until the puppy has settled in and feels more secure” – Jenny

9. “Give the seller and toy or blanket when you first visit then when you pick your puppy up it will have all the familiar smells on it” – Lynn

10. “Routine, dogs love routine”.  – Emma

11. “Don’t overwhelm them, let them investigate and meet people at their own pace. And any toilet training mistakes are down to YOU and NOT the puppy… the quicker people come to realise that the better it goes for everyone!” – Kat

12. “Leave some newspaper for the pup to tiddle on and when its replaced gradually work towards the door until the pup goes outside to the paper… then it can be removed altogether. It’s worked fab for all mine. Also let the pup see your routine as it is normally…don’t change for the pup then change it back when it gets older….it will get stressed. Most of all…enjoy your new edition and give lots of cuddles and a healthy diet.” – Sarah

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