Angela, Fidget & Lola

Angela has caught our attention this month with her blog, The Life of Spicers. Her blog is all about her family life in Bournemouth. But what really caught our attention  was her pets – Fidget and Lola. Read more here.



Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name’s Angela, living in Dorset on the South Coast. We’re really lucky to have some amazing forests and beaches very close to us that as a family we enjoy exploring.

When did you first start blogging and why?

I first started blogging in 2012 at The Life Of Spicers. It began as a way to document family life which has grown into so much more over the years.

How long have you had Fidget & Lola Are they your first pets?

Fidget has been with me for almost fifteen years now since he was a kitten. He was part of my life before I met my husband and had our daughter. Lola was introduced to our family in 2014 when we found we had the time to be able to spend with a dog. She has such an amazing bond with our daughter who was seven when Lola arrived in the family. Lola and Fidget are never going to be the best of friends which is a shame, but they do tolerate each other and can sometimes be found sharing the same cushion. When I was growing up my parents had a dog, Dino before I was born, and when he passed away they adopted a cat called Lucky.

What’s the funniest/most mischievous thing that they have ever done?

Labradors have a reputation for taking a long time to grow up, and Lola is no exception to this rule. She can go from nought to sixty in seconds if she chooses. She’s a very nosy dog and likes to say hello to everyone she meets. Most of the time she is averagely well behaved when we’re out at the park, but if our daughter is with us, then Lola’s attention will always be focused on her. One day during a warm day in the school holidays, we all went to the park area for some exercise. Lola was enjoying splashing in the river and our daughter went across to the playground area. When Lola realised our daughter wasn’t with us she went tearing off to every group of people in the park. Only when she was satisfied that our daughter wasn’t there would she move on to the next group of people. It would have been better if she wasn’t wet from the river. Not everyone appreciated a wet Labrador running up to them.

Fidget, being the old man that he is now, likes to get his own way. Pool Lola can never tell if she is allowed near him until she tries. Sometimes he’ll ignore and other times he decides she can’t get any closer and starts to hiss at her. I have watched him on a couple of occasions stand in the way so Lola can’t past and she isn’t sure if she is allowed. Naughty Fidget.

What’s the best thing about owning a pet, what makes them so loveable?

Pets are so calming and full of love. Fidget is always near the front door when we arrive home to say hello (or perhaps he wants feeding), and wherever I am he is usually somewhere close. As a family, we can often be found in the evenings with an animal each snuggling up on the sofa. Fidget is with me and Lola is with husband. They are both such a big part of our lives, it’s difficult to imagine life without them.

Finally, can you tell us your favourite story about them?

We have recently been very lucky to have Fidget back in our lives. Christmas 2015, Fidget went out one day as he normally would but he didn’t come home again. Despite searching and putting up posters he was nowhere to be found. We sadly assumed after a while that he had perhaps crawled away somewhere he felt safe as he was thirteen. In January 2017, we got a phone call from the microchipping agency who said they believed someone had found Fidget. I wasn’t quite sure whether to believe it or not to begin with, but after a quick phone call and dashing around to a lady’s house there was my Fidget. He had been calling on this lady’s house for a few mornings wanting food, and as she had fed him as he looked unkempt he of course kept coming back. They provided him shelter whilst they managed to find his owner.
I was completely in shock and brought him home before taking him to the vets. I don’t think the vet could quite believe it either, but after a thorough examination it appeared that Fidget had managed to look after himself quite well. It was obvious that he hadn’t been living with anyone as he wasn’t looked after, however he wasn’t too dehydrated, no obvious signs of damage so he had been managing to find food and shelter somehow.
A few weeks later and there is no obvious signs of damage, and Fidget has settled right back in as though he was never away. It’s still surreal sometimes when I think about it, but it’s all thanks to the microchip that he has. Without that we would have never got him back. He is more of a house cat now, although he does venture out it’s never for very long. Something must have spooked him that day, but we’ll never know what happened. I’m just very glad we’ve got him back home with the family.