It's bank holiday season

It’s May and that means summer is on the horizon. With bank holiday breaks and more time spent outdoors, here are our top tips, offers and more for a marvellous month…

Bank holiday season has begun! If you’re going away this month read this blog from Zylkene on how to prepare your cat for a stay at the cattery. Similarly, how to prepare your dog for a stay at the kennels from Adaptil. There are lots of calming products that can help your pet too; whether you’re holidaying with them or without, check out our calming offers here.

Treating your pets for fleas and ticks is essential at this time of year, ticks are at their most active in Spring whilst fleas which have hatched in your home will be coming out to play. You can shop our best flea and tick offers here and save up to 50%. Don’t forget to treat your pet for worms monthly too.

Speaking of critters, new technology has allowed you to protect your pets from the safety of their bed. Scruffs insect shield range of beds and blankets are coated with a protective shield that protects your pet from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, flies & ants. Shop here or enter this competition to win a Trixie Insect Repel blanket for your dog.

What do you and your pet do for fun in Spring? Tell us in the comments below.