Beat an infestation! A step by step guide.

Everything you need to know to kick a flea infestation to the curb.

Step 1.
Treat your pets with a spot-on flea and tick treatment every month. You can browse our parasite protection here. Don’t forget to treat for worms every three months too.


Step 2. Wash all your pet’s bedding above 60C. You can bag up anything small than cannot be washed and freeze for 5 days to kill any fleas that might be lurking. If your pet is heavily infested you’ll need to destroy these items. Don’t forget to spray with a household flea spray once dry.


Step 3. Vacuum the entire house. Pay particular attention to where your pets spend a lot of time, and don’t neglect the nooks and crannies! Make sure you move the furniture to get underneath as fleas will hide from the light, and vacuum the upholstery itself! Spray the inside of the vacuum dust bag & dispose of the contents.


Step 4. Make sure children and pets (including fish!) are out of the area. Remove all your pets bowls, ensure your fish’s tank is covered so that it’s airtight and switch off the pumps until after the room has been aired.


Step 5. Treat the room. One room at a time, ensure all windows and doors are closed, and spray with Frontline HomeGard or Indorex. Hold the can around 50cm away from the item or area and spray lightly and evenly. Spray all areas, including crevices and cracks and especially places your pet frequents, if you’re worried about damaging fabrics do a patch test first. Do not wet the areas and use lightly on wooden or glossy surfaces.


Step 6. Leave it alone. 30 minutes should do it, once it’s done open the doors and windows to air the room. When it’s dry, vacuum to get rid of any fleas that have emerged.


Step 7. Vacuum daily for the next 7-10 days. A chore we know, but adult fleas may have emerged from their cocoon and be ready to pounce on your pet for several weeks, it’s not possible to kill fleas while they’re in the cocoon.


Any tips for preventing or treating an infestation? Share them in the comments below.