You might think a beach holiday is the only cure for the post-Christmas slump but research has shown that as pet owners we already feel more confident, less lonely and are more physically capable than our pet-less friends. Taking care of a pet makes us more conscientious, more extroverted, less fearful and more loved.

Those of us with four-legged friends are already enjoying the benefits they bring us, but it’s worth remembering this January that our pets can help us beat the inevitable New Year blues.

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Make your own fun…

Dog owners with a regular walking routine (twice-daily, any weather!) know that the exercise it brings doesn’t just make us physically fitter, it makes us mentally fitter and happier too. Don’t let the dark and cold weather put you off – invest in good all-weather walking gear for yourself and make sure Rover has the same.

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Every life should have nine cats…

A nutritious diet and an active lifestyle will always improve our health, but when we reach for the vitamins researchers recommend we also reach for the cat! Puss will help to reduce stress and anxiety, combat feelings of loneliness and improve our mood. Our feline friends bring us unconditional love, fun and playfulness – all of which will boost our mojo this January. Treat yourself (and the cat!) to some fun in the shape of a new toy, or two or just curl up in front of the fire and enjoy the calm contentment a good stroke will bring.

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Get in shape…

If the New Year has heightened your resolve to improve your pet’s physique (as well as your own), we can help you find the perfect weight management dog food and cat food or slow-feeding dog bowl to help trim down that excess timber!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and pet-fun-filled 2016,