Cat & Dog Nutrition Glossary | Herbs

Devil’s Claw/Harpagophytum 

Devil’s Claw is a brilliant herb for senior cats and dogs, with its ability to reduce joint pain and ease mobility for arthritis suffers. Unfortunately however, it is used sparsely as it is grown in the deserts of Southern Africa and not easy to come by, meaning high costs.

Green Tea

With its powerful anti-oxidants (catechins) there are a bucket-full of benefits to serving green tea, especially for the cardio-vascular system.


Such a general term makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact plant, leaves, seeds or flowers used in your pet’s food. The vagueness allows manufacturers to alter the precise ingredients between batches – though some brands merely use it to hide their ‘secret ingredients’ from competitors.


Most commonly, the oil from rosemary is used in pet foods as a natural preservative – sometimes listed as rosemary extract. Its anti-oxidant quality slows down the oxidation process, preventing fats from decaying. It has also been linked with reducing the chances of your pooch or puss developing cancer.

It is also often considered within the industry as a natural stimulant, and so should not be given to epileptic pets, though it is fine for cats and dogs in full health. It has been suggested that it can affect uterine function and menstrual flow, so should not be fed during pregnancy. Whilst there’s no proof of this as yet, when it comes to your beloved pet, we always recommend playing it safe.