Caz, Crumble, Treacle, Cookie and Pudding

Our featured blogger is the lovely Caz and her four guinea pigs; Crumble, Treacle, Cookie and Pudding. Read our interview below to find out more about Caz and her little piggies. Check out her blog, This is Caz here.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Caz (or Caroline) and I live in Yorkshire with my four Guinea Pigs, Crumble, Treacle, Cookie and Pudding.

When did you first start blogging and why?

I started blogging in 2009 because I wanted somewhere that I could continue my love of writing after leaving school and blogging filled that gap. It was a tiny community back then and brands didn’t really get involved so a lot has changed!

How long have you had Crumble, Treacle, Cookie & Pudding? Are they your first pets?

Crumble, Treacle, Cookie and Pudding are four this month so I’ve had them for around three and a half years. I’ve had 14 Guinea Pigs in total and got my first four around 12 years ago. I’ve also had three rabbits, three hamsters and some fish in the past too.

What’s the funniest/most mischievous thing that your pets have ever done?

There’s never a dull moment when you’ve got four Guinea Pigs and they really do make so much noise when they want something! Their favourite food is grass and they know that the noise of a bucket handle or the garden gate closing usually means they’re getting some so they squeak really loudly, so much so that you can hear them in the house!


What’s the best thing about owning pets, what makes them so loveable?

I love that they all have their own personalities and one of my favourite things is when I feed them and put them in their run in a morning and they’re sat there waiting for me with their noses pressed against the cage! To put them back in the cage at night I’ve trained them to sit in a plastic drain pipe which I pick up and they walk back out into their cage. It sounds a bit crazy (I promise it’s safe!) but really does show how intelligent Guinea Pigs can be!

Finally, can you tell us your favourite story about your guinea pigs?

I have so many stories I could tell! One of the nicest ones is about Pudding and why she has one eye. When she was around six months old I noticed that she looked like she had an eye infection so took her to the vets. I was expecting to get some eye drops but she actually had a serious abscess and they said she’d either need an operation to remove her eye or have to be put to sleep. I knew I had to give her a chance, especially as she was so young, so she had the operation the next day which saved her life. Pudding is tiny compared to the others and the vet warned us she might not survive which is something I’d sadly experienced a few years ago with one of my rabbits so I prepared myself for the worst. Thankfully everything went well and Pudding now runs around and doesn’t act like she’s partially sighted – she’s still the baby of the group but she’s happy to push the others back if they get in her way!