Cat Nutrition Guide |Choosing the Right Kitten Food

Your kitten’s tiny bodies need all the nutritional support they can get to turn them from a little cutie to a full grown beauty. A tailored diet provides all the necessary essentials from coat support to growth. Follow our tips below and set your kitten on the right track.

With so much playing and growing to do, kittens need more energy and protein than adult felines. In fact, a growing kitten needs almost twice the energy per pound than a fully-grown cat. The same goes for their levels of calcium, vitamins and minerals for optimum health and development. The higher the quality of the ingredients, the easier it is for your kitten to digest – and better digestion leads to higher absorption of the essential nutrients. The best sources of protein for your kitten are fish, poultry and eggs. Taurine is an essential nutrient for your kitty’s heart, vision, digestion and reproduction. Though not always listed an ingredient, it is naturally found in meat, chicken and fish, so you should look for foods that list these ingredients as the bulk of the recipe. Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to feed them dog food, or allow a mischievous kitty to eat from your hound’s bowl – dog food is seriously lacking in taurine and your cat needs plenty!

Important reminders…

Don’t forget that with kittens burning so many calories they need to eat more regularly than adult cats, around three times a day until they’re six months old. Essentially, a quality nutritious food is the key to healthy growth. Royal Canin Kitten food is one of our most popular and premium meals available. Meanwhile, a deliciously fresh bowl of water should always be accessible alongside their food. Browse our full range of kitten food now and get your kitty the nourishment they need and deserve.