Discovering Your Dog's DNA with Wisdom Panel

Do you know exactly what breed your dog is?

Maybe you’re pretty certain, but there’s just a hint of another breed in your canine companion that you can’t figure out. Maybe you’ve got a cuddly cross-breed, but aren’t quite sure if one breed is more prominent than the other. Maybe your dog is such an unusual mixture that you can’t even begin to guess what they’re made up of altogether!

A good knowledge of your dog’s genetic makeup can give you important insights into their own unique temperament, wellness needs and appearance. Luckily, the Monster Pet Supplies team knows just how to discover your pooch’s heritage. The Wisdom Panel Canine DNA Test uses a quick and easy cheek swab to help provide you with DNA-based insights, which you can use to create a bespoke care and wellness plan for your furry friend. To see how it worked, we tested the Wisdom Panel on one of our own little monsters…

Meet Coco, the little ball of fluff who’s often found giving wet-nosed hugs and kisses around the Monster Pet Supplies office. Coco’s owners were curious to find out what breeds she’s made up of, which made her a perfect candidate for the Wisdom Panel DNA test!

We know she’s 100% cute and cuddly, but what breed is she?


With a quick cheek swab, Coco’s owners were able to send off her DNA sample in the post and activate her testing kit online. Once Coco’s sample reached the lab, it was scanned into a database and assigned a batch for testing. The DNA from Coco’s cells was extracted and examined against over 1800 genetic markers from over 350 different breeds. A staggering 17,000,000 combinations of possible ancestry trees were considered before being narrowed down to one with the best overall score.

Three weeks later, Coco’s owners received an in-depth, personalised ancestry report revealing her unique genetic background, along with a prediction of her ideal weight range as an adult.



There we have it! Coco is 62.5% Miniature Poodle, 25% Toy Poodle, and 12.5% Bichon Frise. With this information, Coco’s owners can make informed decisions on her diet and training program, as well as understand and accommodate her behaviours.


Interested in finding out about your pawsome pal’s genetic makeup? Shop the Wisdom Panel Canine DNA Test here.