Cat Nutrition Guide | Feeding your Cat a Grain Free Diet

Where there’s a food sensitivity, there’s often a grain! A grain-free diet may be just what the cat ordered. Consider the following to help decide whether it’s time to make the grain-free switch.

What does grain-free mean?

Wheat, soy, corn and barley are the typical and most common grains used in your cat’s dinner. A grain-free food shouldn’t contain any of these things, but there are other carbohydrates you could consider.

What are the grain-free carbohydrates to consider?

White potatoes, green peas, chickpeas, sweet potatoes and carrots are all a brilliant source of energy to put the spring in your kitty’s paws. Although rice isn’t strictly grain-free, its often considered a great substitute for wheat and rarely causes problems. However, always keep a close eye out for any possible sensitivities that may develop.

Do pets even need grains?

Our cats’ ancestors never included grains as part of their natural diet; those wild cats mainly lived on prey and sometimes fruits and vegetables. For this reason, many cats are fed a grain-free diet even if they don’t show any intolerances or sensitivities. These kitties can often enjoy a healthier digestive system and improved skin and coat health.

Are there any cats that should not eat grain-free?

Before making the grain-free switch, it’s a great idea to chat with your vet, especially if your cat is diabetic, over-weight, inactive or living with kidney issues.

If you take the plunge but notice no improvement, don’t panic. It can take your cat as long as 12 weeks to fully respond to a change in their diet. The recommended trial period is 6-12 weeks, and if after this time there are still symptoms of a sensitivity, it could be worth trying a different food at that point. We have so many premium, healthy and delicious foods available that together we’ll find the perfect meal to complement your cat. Don’t forget to avoid treats, and don’t feed from your own plate – even if your foods don’t contain grains they could still interfere with the dietary switch. Our favourite grain free foods are from the AATU cat food range and they’re certainly a hit with our own pets, but you can take a look at all the cat food we have to offer, here.