Housing your Rabbit

Whether indoors or out your rabbit needs somewhere they can call home. Here are the things to consider when creating a safe environment for your rabbit.

Make sure it’s safe

Rabbits are prey animals so if you choose to house your pet outside you will need to make sure they feel safe. Cover the hutch at night to avoid them from becoming stressed at the sight of other animals in the garden. If your neighbour has a noisy dog ensure the hutch is far away from it. You also need to rid the garden of any plants that are poisonous to rabbits. Similarly, if you choose a house bunny you will need to ensure your home is bunny proof. Rabbits love to chew anything they can get their teeth on, so ensure all cables are out of their reach or safely covered. Think of them like crawling babies; don’t give them the chance to accidentally harm themselves.


Your rabbit’s hutch should be dry, cool and well ventilated. Rabbits can overheat so keep their house away from radiators and direct sunlight. In winter you will need to add extra bedding for outdoor buns and move them into the garage or house. Your rabbit’s house should be high enough for them to stand on their back legs and stretch out fully and enough floorspace for at least three hops in any direction, the more rabbits you have the bigger the hutch needs to be. Hopping around keeps them healthy and happy, it also keeps them from becoming overweight. A run is great for allowing them to exercise and keeping them safe; they should have access to the run at all times, the hutch should only really bet heir bedroom. It’s also important for bunnies to have a hidey space where they can be alone, especially if you have more than one rabbit.

Cleaning / hygiene

Rabbits are clean by nature so their house needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid discomfort. Line the hutch floor with newspaper and cover the lining with straw or dust free wood chippings, this will help absorb the urine and make clean up time easier. Keep their litter area separate from their eating and sleeping area and change their bedding, hay and lining every two-three days. Clean the hutch thoroughly but remember that rabbits leave scent markings which help keep the place feeling like home so leave a small corner untouched to avoid causing them distress.

For more information on bunny housing, watch this video from Camp Nibble. Or visit their site where you can fin lots of help and info on making your rabbit house as homely as possible.