How to keep your pet safe during colder months

Summer’s disappeared sharpish and with Autumn and Winter on the horizon there’s a few things new (and old!) pet owners need to know in order to keep their pet safe.

Dark nights and mornings can be off putting but your dog still needs exercise. Make sure they’re visible with our range of reflective products you can see our favourite reflective walking accessories here. Post walkies, ensure your dog is warm and dry, and check his paws for ice balls and salt or grit. Massaging a paw balm into his pads will soothe and moisturise and protect them.

All cat owners know that they love to curl up by the fire during the colder months, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want a little wander outside every now and again. Unfortunately cold weather can be fatal to cats so it’s important that they have a warm place to access at all times, otherwise they can end up curling up under car engines! If it’s super cold, keep them inside. Although they may be adverse to a change in routine at first and become distressed, the Feliway range can help manage their stress and anxiety using simple pheromone therapy. You can browse the range here.

Rabbit and guinea pig hutches need to be positioned away from wind and rain. Remember to check their water bottle regularly as the ball can freeze leaving them unable to access their water. If it’s too cold for you – it’s too cold for your pet, bring them inside if the weather is really bad. All pets burn more calories so they need plenty of grub, you can browse our range of dog food, cat food and small pet food here.

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