Lean dogs live longer

A large proportion of human beings are now overweight or obese – and the numbers keep rising. At the same time our pet dogs are also becoming increasingly overweight or obese – with around 1 in 3 European dogs affected. This is a major health concern for our canine companions.

In addition, research from Purina has proven that dogs fed to a lean body condition, by reducing caloric intake and assessing body condition from early puppyhood throughout life, were considerably healthier and lived up to two years longer than their littermates. There are therefore, benefits to your dog by keeping them, slim and helping them to live a healthy and long life!

The 2 ways of ensuring successful weight loss for your dog are:

  • Carefully controlling your dog’s diet and calorie intake
  • Increasing the amount of exercise

PURINA VETERINARY DIETS Canine OM is the ideal diet for your dog both to help him lose weight and to help him maintain a healthy weight after successful weight loss. This diet is specially formulated to supply all the nutrients your dog needs, whilst also containing highly palatable ingredients and adjusted levels of all nutrients to ensure safe weight loss.

With PURINA VETERINARY DIETS Canine OM, you can be sure you’re providing your dog with optimum nutrition while helping to manage their weight. Our diets are backed by science, so the latest nutritional findings can be applied to bring you the most innovative and effective formulas.

Please consult your vet before starting a weight loss programme and follow their recommendations.

This post was written by our friends at Purina. You can shop the range on Monster here.