There is a definite nip in the air, and while we pile on the woolly jumpers, wellies and waterproofs perhaps it’s time to offer your dog another layer? Although our furry friends are well insulated, as the weather conditions change it can necessary to offer them some additional protection for their coat! Especially curly and long-haired coats it can be especially hard to clean all the mud off without it getting matted, and coats can also protect your doggy from that damp wet smell they often get after long, wet and muddy walks.

To get the best measurement, we recommend measuring your dog from the back of the neck to the base of the tail, along the spine.dog_coat
Here’s how:
1.   Make sure your dog is standing squarely upright on all four legs and Is looking straight ahead for a more precise measurement
2.  Take a tape measure and run it from the base of your dog’s neck to the base of their tail. This is the measurement you will most commonly need
3.  Make a note of that measurement in both inches and centimetres
4.  Refer to this measurement when you’re looking at the sizing of different brands and styles on

Our recommendations… 13312_11_
Cosipet Trouser Suit Dog Coat Navy is a great all in one waterproof coat made from robust shower proof nylon, it also has cuffs at the bottom to stop any mud from getting up your pooch’s leg and to provide a comfortable fit whilst keeping your dog clean, tidy and looking smart, and even better you can buy this coat from £14.99!



Is your dog a bit of a pro? Then the Hurtta Outdoors Slush Combat Suit dog coat is the coat for your pooch! It is a specialist garment created to protect the coat and skin of your dog during muddy country walks from Autumn to Winter and Spring. Also suitable for protecting your hound’s fur from road salt and grime, the Slush Combat suit is particularly well suited to longer haired breeds such as Border and Bearded Collies, Yorkshire Terriers, or Shih Tzu, preventing their fur from getting dirty and requiring washing too often. Made with waterproof, breathable Houndtex, the Slush Combat Suit is light and comfortable for your dog to wear, and is fully adjustable around the waist, collar and legs to ensure it stays put during playtime. Buy now from £57.09.


Don’t fancy protecting your dogs legs? Then why not try Ruffwears Sun Shower Rain Jacket Dog Coat. Ruffwear’s Sun Shower Rain Jacket is a light waterproof coat to help protect your dog from the elements. The non-insulated design is perfect for soggy British summers, keeping your canine companion protected from the wind and rain without thick layers causing them to overheat, and can be worn over other coats in colder months. Shop now from £45.96



Looking for something that’s more pleasing on your pocket?
Cosipet Step In Suit Quilted Dog Coat is perfect to keep your dogs back and chest covered, and is made from nylon making it waterproof, and even better you can but this from £9.99.

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