When it comes to your dog’s dinner, the word ‘natural’ is something we should always be looking out for. To be sure that your pup is getting only what nature intended, the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AFCO) have declared that it should contain:


No artificial colours

No artificial flavours

No artificial preservatives


Ingredients can only have come from an animal, plant or mined source – though some added vitamins are exempt from this. In fact, vitamin E and C are often added to keep your hound’s food fresh and extra-nutritious. Delicious!

One of the best reasons to serve up natural grub, is that it can ease any sensitivities or allergies that your dog may be dealing with. This is because natural foods often cut out the ‘fillers’ (the cheaper bulk food and grains). If you like the sound of that, take a look at our advice on going against the grain.

Sometimes bags of identical kibble or perfect cubes of meat don’t always tell the full story. Cheaper and unnatural dog foods frequently contain by-product meals; this means ground up skeletal meats, connective tissues and organs. That certainly doesn’t do much for our appetite and whilst these things won’t harm your dog, they certainly won’t thank you for it. On the other hand, natural foods usually use high quality cuts of lamb, chicken, salmon, fruits and vegetables, bound to leave your pup barking his gratitude.

So how far should you go along the natural route? The Organic Trade Association (OTA) explains how organic dog food contains no nasties such as synthetic hormones and toxic pesticides, neither should the food have any contact with antibiotics or else have been through genetic engineering. Instead of artificial chemicals or irradiation aiding the food’s growth, your dog’s food will have been grown in good old-fashioned mulch and compost – and what dog isn’t a fan of that! You can take a peek at our organic range of dog foods here.


Organic lingo, the ins and outs:

100% Organic – everything in this meal is organic, right down to the processing aids

Organic – this food contains 95% organic ingredients, nearly the whole hog

Made with Organic – definitely in the right direction, but this dinner contains a minimum of 75% organic ingredients


Should you be feeding organic? As with our own diets it’s a matter of personal preference. Whilst we’re huge fans of feeding food as close to a canine’s natural diet as possible, it is of course dependent upon each owner and how particular the pup. If your pet still experiences sensitivities with a natural diet, then we’d strongly recommend trying a 100% organic diet. Top of our list of suggestions would be the Lily’s Kitchen range with their organic dog treats, as well as the Burns organic dog food.