Out with the old, in with the new arrivals! Don’t hang around, take a peek at our new arrivals and be the first to shop our brand new pet ranges, they’re flying out…

New Arrivals: The incredibly luxurious Banbury range

Contemporary and simple, this is the new Banbury range, featuring all the new basics you need in your home for your cat or dog! First up, the Banbury Luxury Cosy Cat Bed. Update your cat’s snooze spot with this super-soft, hooded cat bed. Featuring a hanging ball teaser, your puss will love to have a paw before she settles down for a kip. The coziness continues with the Luxury Comfort Dog Blanket; throw this grey and white blanket across your settee and let your canine snuggle up next to you. It will keep your dog warm during these chilly nights, and will help keep his fur off your furniture!

A new feeding bowl shouldn’t go amiss either! Square-shaped and ultra-chic, the Banbury Ceramic Cat Bowl is heavy weighted and has thick sides, meaning it won’t chip! Constructed out of stoneware, this ensures water will keep cool and pet food fresher for longer! Don’t forget to place the feeding bowl onto a feeding mat; the Banbury Luxury Cat Feeding Mat matches the Banbury Ceramic Cat Bowl and will prevent any spills or mess your feline makes from touching the floor. The simple design bodes well in all kitchens.

Finally, refresh your dog’s wardrobe with a new coat! The Banbury All Weather Comfort Dog Coat is suitable for all weather conditions. With a Velcro belt, the dog coat won’t fall off your dogs back. Quilted and finished with a fleece collar, this dog coat is available in small, medium and large sizes – get your dog’s coat now.

New Arrivals: House of Paws – for four-legged luxury…

Ordering in new pet food? Keep it fresher for longer with the House of Paws Good Dog Food Bin with Scoop. Convenient and modern, it’s a great way to keep organised and tidy. Simply pour your pets dry food into the bin and use the handy scoop to serve it out into your pet’s food bowl. Available in cream and grey – take your pick!

New Arrivals: Don’t miss out on the new Rogz extra-durable toys!

We all know that after a little while your pet’s toys can become a little worse for wear. So, why not revise your pet’s toy box with a haul of new toy products? Rogz have introduced a new range of durable and fun toys that includes the RFO Frisbee! Unlike the average Frisbee, this Frisbee is made from Safe Soft Technology Foam resulting in a Frisbee which won’t hurt your dogs teeth or gums and is lighter, encouraging your dog to burn more energy and run further afield as the Frisbee is able to travel further! Featuring thick edges and three varying sized holes any sized dog is able to pick up the RFO Frisbee.

Tough chewers will love the Rogz Cowboyz dog toy. Constructed with a strong rope knot in the centre this is perfect for cleaning teeth! A multitude of ropes hang off either side of the knot it’s great for a game of tug! Finished with a squeaker, you’ll easily be able to catch your dog’s attention for playtime. Also available in a smaller and softer version suitable for puppies!

Last but not least, the Rogz Pupz Fuz-Grinz is a soft and fluffy friend with a squeaky centre for any new puppies! The perfect companion when teething!

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