We're supporting North Clwyd Animal Rescue

North Clwyd Animal Rescue has been a registered charity since 1981 and we are one of the largest animal rescues in North Wales and the North West.

We are an independent rescue who rely on donations from our supporters, local community and general public. We are continuing to grow every year.

We care & rehome over 1900 animals every year, and at any one time we have
 over 120 dogs, 150 cats and 20 rabbits and Guinea pigs onsite.

We are proud to be a non destruct charity, and we believe that every animal needs a second chance to find their forever home. We will work with every animal to ensure that they have the best possible chance, we don’t give up easily.

We are passionate about animal welfare and this is why we are continuing to upgrade our facilities when we financially can, but this doesn’t come as an easy task, and we fundraise to help funds our projects and developments at NCAR, On an average day it costs over £1000 to keep the charity a float, so fundraising is a huge part of our existence. All our animals are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, flea’d, wormed and homechecked before they leave our rescue, as we believe these are important factors for responsible pet ownership.

As a non destruct rescue we inevitably end up with animals who can’t be re-homed due to complex health, or behavioural problems. These special needs animals are given permanent sanctuary, and become much loved members of the NCAR family receiving any vet care support that they may need for as long as they have a quality of life. We have recently built a retirement village for our golden oldie dogs which has been a great success and
our residents are loving it!

We rely on our volunteers and we love to welcome new ones to our charity, there are so many ways to help our charity, so if you are interested in volunteering, fundraising or even adopting one of our residents then please visit our website, we will be extremely grateful for your support.