Dog Nutrition Guide | Nutrition for your Dog’s Skin & Coat

A skin sensitivity may be tricky to spot at first, especially as dogs love a thorough scratch from time to time. It’s important, however, to look out for flaky skin and possibly a lackluster, dull coat. This could be down to a sensitivity or even poor nutrition, so it’s important to educate ourselves about our dog’s exact nutritional needs, especially when it comes to their skin and coat.

As always, a premium food is often the answer to our troubles, such as Pro Plan. Applaws dog food is also especially good for dealing with sensitivities, providing all the fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins that help our dog to thrive.

There are particular ingredients found in the best of the best foods, which take brilliant care of our dog’s skin and coat, so look for the following when selecting a food:

  • Copper: helps maintain normal hair colour and prevent hair loss. Copper is also responsible for super shiny coats
  • Zinc: zinc deficiencies have been accused of causing sore skin and even fungal infections. Top up your dog’s dose of zinc by switching to a premium food
  • Vitamin A: essential for cell regeneration. As it is fat-soluble, it encourages healthy hair and tissue replenishment
  • Vitamin E: a fantastically strong antioxidant, protecting skin from free radicals
  • Biotin: these B-complex vitamins promote healthy tissue growth. It’s particularly important that puppies have plenty of Biotin as deficiencies are most likely when your beautiful baby pup is having a growth spurt. Symptoms of deficiencies include brittle hair, crusty skin and a change in the colour of your dog’s coat

 Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids

There’s a very good reason why these are referred to as ‘essential’ – they help maintain the skin’s elasticity, meanwhile making the coat shinier than ever. The best sources of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are chicken, corn, canola and other vegetable oils, fish oil and fish meal.

For a fabulously healthy coat and puppy-smooth skin, have a look at our skin & coat dog food range now. Now the only scratching your dog will need is your tickling of their tummy.