There’s a popular word on the street among cats, and it is Pro Plan! So what is Pro Plan Cat, and why will your cat love it?

Pro Plan Cat provides science-based nutrition to nourish your cat’s long-term health and needs, incorporating high quality ingredients and the latest nutrition technology to craft delicious food tailored to your cat’s life style and age. This means that whether your cat is old or young and has a sensitive tummy or struggles with their weight, Pro Plan should have a food for you! We also know that cats can be quite particular about their food, so we offer both dry food and wet food – in the form of tender, tasty chunks in gravy.

Pro Plan Cat is specifically targeted to cats, adapted to their metabolism by providing a high protein, low carbohydrate nutritional solution and formulated to help support urinary health. The kibbles are also specially designed to help support dental health and can help protect teeth from tartar build up.   Our products contain specific blends of nutrients, such as OPTIStart, OPTIRenal and Longevis, with some great properties.

For example, did you know that Longevis, within our senior blend, has been proven to extend life span and improve your feline friend’s quality of life[1]? Or that OPTIStart can help support your kitten’s immune function – so important to make them more robust to the challenges of early life – as well as help to reduce the risk of intestinal upset… and let’s face it – nobody likes to have to deal with diarrhoea and your kitten feeling unwell.

Then there is sterilised: a product specially formulated to meet the needs of your neutered cat. This is lower in energy than our standard adult product, as neutered cats have been a little prone to putting on weight, and also helps protects the teeth from tartar build-up, helps to supports the urinary tract. It also contains OPTIRenal, a formulation to help promote healthy kidneys. So give the Pro Plan range a go today and let your cat experience the power of high class, scientifically designed quality nutrition.

From our Purina Vet Ellie.

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[1] *Study conducted with 90 cats aged between 7-17 years. Findings based on cats fed exclusively on the diet enriched with LONGEVIS® versus cats fed a controlled diet. European Patent EP1637041B1