Simon & Dhillon

Our blogger of the month is Simon Glazin. His blog, The Very Simon G is the winner of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Male Blogger of the year! It’s filled with fashion, luxury and glamour, but what really caught our attention is Lifestyle Tails. Inspired by little Dhillon, it’s dedicated to people and their pups. Check it out for career advice, cute doggos and incredible interiors.


Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a fashion journalist, blogger and presenter. I’ve worked in the industry for about eight years, and had my blog,, for as long. I work at Very Exclusive at the moment, as the Social Editor, so I look after all social channels: edit, manage and control content. I also write freelance for some publications and sites. My husband and I got married almost three years ago, and we are dog obsessed. We also love flamingos and pineapples (ornaments for the house!).

When did you first start blogging and why?
I started my fashion blog eight years when blogging first became popular. It was a release to talk about things I was up to, loved and didn’t like. It was all very innocent back then, not a business it is now. It evolved into the fashion blog after I trained in journalism and started a job at the Sunday Times Style magazine. When you start to see readers come back to see what you have to say, and people commenting and interacting with your content, it spurs you to keep going. launched earlier this year because of my love for dogs and style.

How long have you had Dhillon? Is he your first pet?
Dhillon is now six years old and I picked him up when he was 10 weeks old. He’s not my first pet – I’ve had a cat, many hamsters and lots of fish – but he is my first dog. I’d wanted one for years and years but my parents never indulged me. Until one day I just bought him home. Now we want a sister to keep him company!

What’s the funniest/most mischievous thing Dhillon has ever done?
When he was about 12 weeks old, I took him to a press preview at the Chanel press office. I put him down on the floor and ran over to the display of bags. He subsequently started to chew on one of the handles. We were never invited back! 

What’s the best thing about owning a pet, what makes Dhillon so loveable?
That moment you come through the door after being at work and they are SO excited to see you. Moments like that makes your heart melt. They rely on you so much, but are so loving back. Dhillon, like all Dachshunds, are loyal, stubborn with bags of personality. The way he digs for his toys, the way he drinks his water… so many things make him loveable. He’s very cuddly too.

Finally, can you tell us your favourite Dhillon story?
Well the Chanel story is a favourite, and I also love how he buries himself when he goes to bed, under two blankets, like he’s hibernating. And I love his little wiggle when he walks.