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The Animal Team provide an essential link between Rescues, Rescue people and Volunteers. Our Home-check and Transport groups not only provide Rescues with the ability to expand their re-homing areas, our promptness in arranging checks and transport runs also mean a quicker turnover of Rescue spaces, this in turn enables more animals to be saved. We cover the whole of the UK organising and coordinating transport runs, sometimes with several transporters, meeting up at designated points.

In addition, we also help with assessments of dogs waiting to come into Rescue and finding foster homes, again freeing up kennel spaces. We assist Pound Pullers with transport, these are the people who work tirelessly pulling dogs from death row & finding them Rescue spaces. We cover the whole of the UK with a large group of amazing volunteers. They will drop everything for an emergency & tirelessly give their time for the animals who need them. Our admin are a wonderful dedicated team of volunteers (all working from home) who give their time, energy and commitment to help of these animals.

During 2016 we received many requests for help. We organised 15,981 home-checks, our transporters covered, in total, 341,447 miles, transported 2,154 animals. These included 282 cats, 2302 dogs, 26 rabbits, 50 assorted birds, 1 guinea pig and 13 other necessities. The charity continues to do its utmost to assist in finding new homes for rescued animals through our social media platforms.  Our Facebook pages have over 16,000 members and our Twitter account over 31,000 followers. These are directly responsible, through sharing stories, in helping rehome many animals. Our database has over 350 rescues registered who use us regularly to help advertise their animals up for adoption on our Facebook Rescue page.

Our Auction and Fundraising Facebook Group aims to raise most of our funds through fortnightly holding on-line auctions of items either donated by supporters or businesses. We publicly nominate a charity (from our list of animal charities who have registered with us) at random and donate 25% of the amount raised from each auction to the charity. The balance of the funds going back into the pot to help cover transport runs that are short on fuel, Emergency Boarding for dogs between death row and transport to a rescue space and in any other special circumstances where a rescue requires funding help. We want to be able to ensure that we never let an urgent rescue down.


These two girls (mother and daughter) were recently transported to safety by us. They were rescued by a lady from a puppy farm, from a life of producing litter after litter of puppies. They were due to be put to sleep. The rescue centre contacted The Animal Team to transport these two girls for them. One can only imagine the horrors that these two girls had experienced in their previous life, they scream if they are unable to see each other.
The Animal Team are proud that they have played a small part in helping toward these girls transition from rescue dogs to, hopefully eventually, be loyal family members.


Rescued from a high kill shelter in Spain to a “Life of Riley” in Essex
Bertie used to roam the streets in a town in Spain, he was put in a high kill shelter, he was only 6 months old! One of our managers spotted him on a rescue page up for adoption, fell in love with him and now 4 years on he lives happy and content, being thoroughly spoiled.  He still has a penchant to jump on tables!!


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