Toby's perfect Christmas

This is Toby, the newest addition to the Monster pack.  Super cute and full of beans, his first visit to the office was a smashing success.

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Sniff sniff, what’s this? Can I have it?

Toby was adopted from the Helping Yorkshire Poundies, and was welcomed to his new home (and new office!) in October – just in time for Christmas. On his first visit to Monster HQ he stole our hearts! But he also caught our eye…Toby is definitely a cross breed, but we couldn’t work out what breeds could produce such a unique boy! His face looks a little like an Alsatian’s, but he seems to have a Corgi like body and the playfulness of a Terrier.

Luckily, we knew how to find out. The Wisdom Panel 2.0 Canine DNA Test helps provide you with DNA based insights on your dog to understand his unique temperament, wellness needs, and appearance. You can then use these insights to create a bespoke care and wellness plan.

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With an approving sniff, we got the all clear from Toby to go ahead and test. With a quick and easy cheek swab, we were on our way to finding out his genetic make up. We sent off the swab and voila! After precisely 3 weeks, we received our results.

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With this information, Toby’s owners can make informed decisions on his diet and training program, as well as understand and accommodate his behaviours.

What’s that you say? A new home and an insight into my breed, this Christmas will be hard to beat!

Give the gift of knowledge this Christmas, shop the Wisdom Panel Testing Kit here.