Top ten tips for keeping holiday stress at bay

Going on holiday is supposed to be fun! But sometimes worrying about our furry friends can cause unnecessary stress, for you and your pet! Read on for Adaptil’s top tips to keep your pet calm and happy.

1. Check your dog’s vaccination schedule is up to date, including kennel cough!

2. If your dog is elderly or has been unwell recently, check with your vet that they are well enough to cope with a stay in kennels.

3. To reduce any potential stress, fit an Adapti collar to your dog 24 hours before you go away

4. Apply Adaptil spray to any bedding you provide to comfort your dog when travelling to and from the kennels

5. Leave something of yours with your dog – your scent will provide comfort and reassurance

6. Provide your dog with their favourite toy such as treat balls, which will keep them entertained

7. If your dog is on long-term medication explain, to the kennels when and how this is given

8. Try to ensure your dog’s diet is unchanged by providing enough of their food for the entire stay

9. Check the times you are able to drop off and pick up your dog

10. Finally, make sure the kennels have both your emergency and vets contact details, just in case!

This post was written by our friend at Adaptil. You can read more helpful information about your dog’s kennel stay here, and you can shop Adaptil on Monster here.