Top tips for walking hiking and running with your dog

Dogs improve our health, our lives and our outlook. As a keen walker and runner, it’s nice to have a friend for company, whether they have two legs or four!

Your dog can be just the motivation you need to get you up and out and will give you the security and companionship you need if you head for the hills. Before you set off on more testing terrain, longer distances or increased speeds do check with your vet that your dog is up to it. If you’re interested to know whether your dog’s breed lends itself to becoming your new workout pal there’s great article on Runners World. No breed is perfect for all terrains and conditions and your dog’s character will be just as important as its type. You can work together to find the right route and pace for both of you.

Rekindle your love for the great outdoors

A longer walk or a gentle jog is the easiest way to introduce greater distances or speed into you and your dog’s routine. Begin by choosing one walk a week to extend or speed up. If you pick up the pace you may find you need some different kit. The Ruffwear Roamer Lead is designed to tie securely and comfortable around your waist. You can run more independently of each other, leave your arms free and know both of your are safe.

Share your adventures

Fido will be your willing companion you as you hike, trek, explore the great outdoors and bond with the beautiful British scenery as your backdrop. Check out this blog on dog walks in Yorkshire. But, remember, it’s important to be in full control of your dog at all times for the safety of your pet, other walkers and wildlife. Tricky terrain, sheep and their lambs and game birds can be a distraction so it’s good have your dog on a short leash and to keep them calm and responsive to your commands at all times. The Ruffwear Webmaster (fully adjustable) Harness features a handle to help you lift your dog over obstacles, so there are no limits to your explorations! Relied upon by dog owners the world over to ensure their hound’s safety, comfort, and support; whether it’s a hike in the highlands or a jog around the park – shop the Ruffwear range.