Transitioning your dog to raw food

Nature’s Menu offer complete, nutritionally balanced raw food for your dog. They’re convenient, nutritious and delicious. Simply pour, thaw and serve! You can read all about the benefits of feeding raw here.

Transitioning your dog is easy, Nature’s Menu recommend transitioning over 7 days.

Transitioning to raw food

Divide daily ration into 50% raw and 50% previous food.

Feed in alternating separate meals and avoid mixing if possible for easier digestion.

Meals should ideally be given 12 hours apart

From day 8 feed 100% raw. 

The transition period is recommended to allow your dog’s body time to adjust enzyme release, alter stomach PH, adapt intestinal microbiome (‘friendly’ bacteria) and promote healthy digestion and metabolism.

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Whilst transitioning your dog may be a walk in the park, cats are a little trickier. Find out how to switch your cat’s diet here.