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Our mission is to use veterinary knowledge to improve the welfare of animals through science, education and debate to ensure animals enjoy a better life thanks to advanced animal welfare practices based on veterinary knowledge.


The Animal Welfare Foundation(AWF) is a charity directed by vets and vet nurses, which uses veterinary knowledge to improve the welfare of all animals including working and livestock animals, wildlife and pets.

Vets are touchstones for all animal issues and so are best placed to identify welfare issues and implement best practice.

AWF works directly with veterinary professionals from all specialties which provides us with a unique ability to use their expertise and passion to deliver practical solutions which will enhance animal welfare best practice for generations to come.

AWF makes a practical difference to animal welfare; from encouraging responsible pet ownership to educating the future vets and pet owners on emerging animal welfare issues.

Our range of educational leaflets on animal welfare for pet owners are written by vets and loved by pets! Over 8,000 copies were provided to vet practices and the public over the past year. The range includes information on pets and poisons, pre and post-operative care and what makes your pet happy.

We invest in the future: we engage the vets of the future by running student education sessions which focus on animal welfare issues providing valuable insights into wider understanding on animal welfare which helps vets help owners care for their pets.

We made grants of over £350,000 in 2016 to innovative research projects which have a direct and practical impact on animal welfare and by running our annual flagship event; the Discussion Forum, we provide an environment for discussion to highlight and promote animal welfare best practice.


Help us ensure animals can continue to have a healthy and happy life in future.

Animal welfare has been greatly improved over the last decade, however, with emerging and evolving diseases ever present, and a continuing demand for good welfare education and pet care advice, our work remains invaluable.

Please support our work by donating here or check out our website for other ways to support us, including cost free giving!

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