We're supporting Holly Hedge

Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary is a local independent charity (registered charity number 294606) that rescues and rehomes unwanted, abandoned and often mistreated cats and dogs.

We receive no funding from the government or National Lottery and rely on the generosity and goodwill of our supporters to keep our kennel and cattery doors open. It costs approximately £616,000 every year to run – that’s over £1,687 each and every single day.

We rescue and rehome around 800 animals each year finding loving and responsible new homes for each and every one of them. No animal is put to sleep unless we are advised that it is in their best interest to do so by a veterinary surgeon, this decision is never taken lightly.

Pepper came to us as a desperately poorly stray needing urgent medical care.  Despite his state of suffering he was still full of purrs and keen for cuddles, which he clearly hadn’t had for a very long time, if ever Pepper was so thin and emaciated with a dreadful skin infection. We were not sure if he would pull through but were determined to do all we could to give him the best possible chance of survival and a happy future.

Although dangerously frail, overtime, with lots of medical attention and love from our team, he began to show signs of recovery. Not once did wearing his buster collar deter him from wanting cuddles, purring loudly through his cleft palette and there was no better feeling than realising he would soon be up for rehoming – it didn’t take long for his ‘forever family’ to come along and fall in love with him!


Pepper’s story is just one of many examples of our dedication to the well-being of animals.  We couldn’t achieve such success without the help of our kind supporters!

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