Cat Nutrition Guide | What you Feed your Cat makes a Difference

Some kitties will devour all kinds of food and love nothing more than a nibble from your own plate – but we know how important it is to feed them a diet tailored perfectly for their tummies. There are a few things to consider when it comes to selecting their food: breed, age and any pre-existing health conditions.

Size & Breed:

Do you have a tiny tabby or a massive maine coon? Your cat’s size matters, as the kibble is suited to different sizes and energy levels. Certain breeds also need some extra joint, skin and coat support, especially if they have developed any arthritis or suffered an injury at any point.


We know elderly cats can be kittens at heart, but kittens, adults and senior cats all have very different needs when it comes to growth, energy and mobility. Their exercise levels vary throughout these stages and it’s also good to bear this in mind to avoid over-feeding (though we certainly aren’t averse to a healthy treat!).

Health Considerations:

There are foods to offer support for all kinds of different conditions. Whether your cat has certain sensitivities or needs help losing a pound or two, you can browse our veterinary ranges to find the perfectly adjusted recipe.

What difference will it make?

Switch to a high quality, tailored food and your cat (and you) will reap the rewards of a balanced and healthy diet.

  • A high and quality meat ingredient (as opposed to fillers like corn, wheat and soy) will fulfill your cat’s protein needs, along with the added vegetables and fruit filling them to the brim with vitamins. You’ll also notice a far shinier coat thanks to all the omega fatty acids.
  • Greater nutritional value per serving as there are more essential nutrients per delicious bowlful compared to lower quality foods.
  • A cleaner clear-away… The pre and probiotics added to the best foods promote a healthy digestive system and with a higher absorption of nutrients comes smaller, compact stools.
  • Made to measure: high quality food recipes are formulated according to your cat’s size, age, health requirements and lifestyle

Which brand is right for my cat?

To find your cat’s purrfect plateful, we’d recommend browsing our full range of cat food here. We’re especially avid fans of the Pro Plan Dry cat food range.

Natural nutrition is a welcome option for cats suffering from food sensitivities to specific proteins. They’re free from artificial ingredients and other nasty things that can stress your cat’s digestive systems, whilst often being packed full of organic ingredients. Top of our list is Arden Grange, James Wellbeloved and Lily’s Kitchen, the latter of which comes in all kinds of divine flavours – your moggy will go wild for Lily’s Kitchen Fabulous Fish Dinner cat food.

It’s always difficult to choose a cat food when there are so many to select from. Our greatest advice would be to always read the ingredients. It is certainly not the case that cat foods are generally much of the same. Always look for a high protein content to be sure you’re truly choosing a quality food and steer towards foods labeled ‘hypoallergenic’ if your cat suffers from allergies. You can even find foods very specific to conditions such as urinary health, weight maintenance, breed and life stage.