Why choose OPTIStart for your new puppy?

So, you are getting a new puppy and you don’t know what to feed…where do you start?! There seems to be another new dog food popping up on the market every week, and it can feel very difficult to know which to try. However there are some general tips to consider and there are some great products out there – especially the Proplan Optistart puppy food, so read on to find out more!

For any dog – and something particularly important in puppies – is to feed based on lifestage, so you should be looking for a specificpuppy food. This should contain all the goodies in it that a puppy will need early in life, like a high energy density for your bouncy new addition, a suitable protein level for growth, and calcium levels appropriate for optimum bone development. Young puppies need twice as much energy as adults and require a high quality and highly digestible diet fed several times a day. ‘Little and often’ is a great rule of thumb: feeding 3 – 4 meals daily enables the puppy to consume enough food but is also appropriate for a small tummy that can only hold a certain volume.

Puppies grow rapidly, and their food will fuel this. However, a faster growing puppy doesn’t always mean a better growth! The correct energy density needs to be considered as well as the specific balance of protein, vitamins and minerals. This is especially true for larger dog breeds, which are in danger of developing weak, brittle bones and bone and joint deformities if given too much energy or the incorrect ratio of calcium and phosphorus. For this reason, a puppy should be placed on a diet suitable for its size, and you look for a complete diet where supplements are not needed…and don’t be tempted to add any in either! Whilst you might feel this is a helpful thing to do, it can actually be harmful and result in imbalances. Keep an eye on your puppy’s weight too: it is important that they do not become overweight, as this could put extra stress and strain on developing joints and predisposes them to being overweight as an adult – and as we all know, this is not good for their health.

What else is important in puppies? Development of a strong immune system is fundamental, particularly as the young body has so much thrown at it with the stresses of weaning, moving to a new house, the first vet visit, and the first vaccines among other things. Development of the brain and healthy vision is also an important consideration, as well as maintaining a healthy digestive system – particularly to reduce the likelihood of diarrhoea which is unfortunately otherwise all too common.

With all this in mind, what food do you go for? PRO PLAN PUPPY OPTISTART is the answer! It comes in several varieties, so the range has got something appropriate for the size of your puppy (small, medium or large breed). For puppies suffering diarrhoea or poor stools, we have a tasty wheat-free option that contains an ingredient acting as an intestinal bandage, probiotics, and particularly digestible ingredients – PRO PLAN PUPPY OPTIDIGEST. There is also has a wheat-free, salmon-flavoured option if your dog has sensitive skin – PRO PLAN PUPPY OPTIDERMA.

What makes Pro Plan Puppy Optistart so good? Well, it has been formulated by world class vets and nutritionists who are experts in their field. As well as having chicken as the first ingredient and being incredibly digestible and tasty, it contains the ideal protein levels for growth and the minerals are carefully balanced to support the development of healthy joints and teeth. It has probiotics to support a healthy digestion and we have made sure the kibble size and shape are ideal for your dog too. It also has high levels of fatty acids that support brain and eye development and is stuffed full of antioxidants. However, its real stand-out point is the fact that it contains colostrum: this has been proved to improve the immune response by up to 50% and contains natural antibodies, antioxidants and omega fatty acids that strengthen the immune system and improve the gut health too. That means this food really does set your puppy up for the very best start in life!

So why not try it today? We’d love to hear how you get on! Shop Pro Plan OPTISTART on Monster here.