Why choose Pro Plan?

Choosing a dog food can sometimes, quite frankly, seem quite mind-boggling. There are so many different foods out there now that just where do you start? How do you choose one that will suit both your dog and you, from a company you can trust? Well hopefully this is where Purina Pro Plan can help!

At Pro Plan we truly care about your dog, and we, like you, want your beloved canine companion to get the very most out of life…and great nutrition is at the heart of this to provide the very best health and wellbeing for them, from the very start when they are a bouncy new puppy until they reach their twilight years and become a golden oldie. We hope that we can help all the way along too and whether your dog develops a sensitive stomach or itchy skin, becomes an Olympic-style athlete or a bit of a couch-potato prone to putting on a few pounds then we should have a tasty food which will be perfect for them.

We have been at the forefront of new, scientific innovations in pet food to maximise your dog’s health and nutrition for over 85 years, and our team of dedicated nutritionists, food scientists, vets and animal behaviourists are continuing to make breakthroughs today. ‘Good’ is never good enough – and if we can make a product better, we will! And you, as an owner, along with your canine companion, are at the heart of what we do. That’s why we try to conduct extensive consumer research with owners just like you and only produce scientifically proven, effective and outstanding products that meet you – and your dog’s! – approval.  Every single high quality ingredient selected to go into our diets is included for a purpose, and has a health benefit which we hope to maximise through careful processing and cooking of it. And with chicken, lamb or salmon as our first ingredient in every single recipe, blended with a carefully selected range of other high quality ingredients, we hope that your dog will love the taste of his food as well as gaining maximal health benefits from it.

So why not discover one of our fantastic range? If you have just introduced a new puppy to your home why not try some Puppy with Optistart in his bowl. He is bound to hoover it up and enjoy every single piece, and as well as providing him with enjoyment and great nutrition our Optistart formulation will help boost his immunity – something which is so important at the start of life.

At the other end of life, if you have a much treasured member of the family who is now starting to slow down, plodding along into their senior years, then our Optiage formulation specifically made for older dogs could be just the thing to get them bouncing into those years instead. It can help to improve their memory, playfulness and ageing, and support their mind, body and joints in older age.

In between, our Adult range offers ‘Optibalance’ as a specially balanced blend of nutrients tailored to your dog’s size and needs to maximise their health and provide one delicious meal after another.

Finally, if your dog has particular needs we also hope to have a food for you. Our sensitive skin product with ‘Optiderma’ is wheat-free and helps to boost the skin and coat in itchy dogs or those prone to poor skin with its high levels of omega fatty acids. ‘Optidigest’ is our unique blend for puppies and dogs with sensitive stomachs: this is a wheat-free formulation containing prebiotics, highly digestible nutrients, and bentonite as an ‘intestinal bandage’ to maximise gut health. And then we have ‘Optipower’ to maximise the energy and health in any athletic dog. Or, if your canine companion is prone to putting on weight, then ‘Optiweight’ is a tasty lighter and lower fat choice which will help to maintain a healthy body weight and support his lean muscle throughout life.

As if you need any more convincing to become part of the Purina Pro Plan family, we offer the reassurance of a Petcare line to answer any questions you have at all, and truly care about our responsibility to both you and the community: that’s why we are proud to work with the Canine Partners charity and are keen to get involved in community and charity events where possible.

So give Pro Plan a go today and start to enjoy the benefits it brings! Shop Pro Plan on Monster here.