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Our friends at Feliway & Rosewood have given 5 people the chance to win FeliScratch to try for their cat!Feliscratch_Img

FeliScratch by Feliway is a new and unique way to stop your cat scratching your furniture and carpet by redirecting their scratching to somewhere more scratch friendly like a scratching post! It uses three key ingredients to attract your cat to a new scratching point:

  • Blue colour to mimic the look of pre existing scratches to your cat
  • Catnip to attract your cat towards the new scratching location
  • A synthesised copy of the pheromone to direct scratching onto the new surface

Scratching is a natural behaviour cats use to mark their territory and keep their nails trimmed, FeliScratch helps your cat to channel their natural instincts into more suitable places than your favourite chair or new rug! You can win it for your cat along with a brand new Rosewood Natural Seagrass Feather Cat Scratching Post. Enter your details on the right to be in with a chance!

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UK Entrants only
Competition closes 25/04/17
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