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Previously known as Haworth Cat Rescue, Yorkshire Cat Rescue saves the lives of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in Yorkshire & Lancashire. We’ve chosen them as our Charity of the month, read more below.

Cat which nearly lost his legs is hoping for new home for Christmas



A cat hit by a car and nearly lost his leg is on the mend thanks to Yorkshire Cat Rescue and one of its dedicated foster carers.

Declan was found at the side of the road having been hit by a car, and was taken to Holly House Veterinary Hospital in Leeds where staff performed emergency surgery on, amongst other things, his fractured hip and jaw.

At the time, Declan was facing a leg amputation and the loss of function in one of his back legs, but the vet decided to see if intensive rehabilitation might be enough to save his mobility. When Yorkshire Cat Rescue, heard about his plight, they immediately offered to help and called one of their experienced foster carers.

Over the past few weeks, the foster carer has been giving Declan intensive physiotherapy and massages four times daily (along with much needed cuddles, love and attention). Declan is now on the mend but jumping is still strictly off limits!

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has put a Lost notice out about Declan, but because he isn’t microchipped, chances of his owners realising where he is are slim. Hopefully the future for this boy is still bright, he is still on the road to recovery but thanks to Yorkshire Cat Rescue and their foster carer he has a fighting chance (and the use of all four legs).

If Declan’s rightful owners can’t be found, he will be put up for adoption – hopefully around Christmas time.

To fix all of Declan’s problems will require a lot of veterinary care. Even with the charity’s 20% discount, the vet has estimated that it will cost £1578.

If you’re interested in rehoming Declan or any of the lovely cats,If you’re interested in rehoming Declan or any of the lovely cats, visit the website. . To donate, click here.