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6 Ways to Keep Your Pet Cool, Happy and Hydrated this Summer

Summer’s finally arrived, and so has the hot, sunny weather!

With over a third of dog owners now choosing to bring their furry friends on holiday, many pet owners in the UK will want to make the most of the warm weather with their paw-some pals this summer. Whether you’re sticking to daily dog walks or going on a sunny staycation, on hot days you’ll need to put extra care into making sure your pets are happy and hydrated. Follow our top tips to keep your furry friends cool and comfortable wherever you are!


1. Take care when walking your dog on hot, sunny days

The ground can get so hot in summer that it can burn dogs’ paws. Have you ever been unable to walk barefoot on a beach because you can’t stand the heat? Follow the five-second rule and place the back of your hand on the floor for five seconds. If you can’t stand it, neither can your pet! Try and avoid walking your dog during the hottest hours of the day, and stick to forests and shaded areas wherever possible.

A labrador going for a walk in summer. His owner needs to make sure he stays cool and hydrated!
2. Make sure your pet always has a supply of fresh, clean water 

When you’re out and about exploring with your dog, it can be difficult to get hold of clean water, and thirsty dogs will drink anything they can find! It’s worth keeping a bowl and bottles of water on you whenever you take them out. At home, keep a plentiful supply of cool water in easy reach of your pet. For wandering cats, the Catit Flower Water Fountain is a great way to make sure your cat stays cool and hydrated! Encouraging your cat to drink more is important for their health, as it helps to ensure proper kidney function.

A cat keeping cool and hydrated with a Catit Flower Water Fountain

3. Invest in some cooling products that you can use both at home and on days out

Can’t find a shady spot? Beat the heat wherever you are with a refreshing cooling mat! The Danish Design Cooling Mattress is filled with a pet-friendly, non-toxic gel that’s cool to the touch, and can keep your pet cool for up to an hour. It can be used as a pet’s bed, or on top of their current bed for maximum cooling and comfort.

A dog keeping cool lying on a Danish Design Cooling Mat
4. Give them a special cooling treat

When it gets too hot, we love a nice treat to cool us down, and so will your pet! For those of you with curious cats, pop some ice cubes on a hard indoor floor for your feline friend to play with. It’s the perfect way to provide them with some enrichment while cooling down their paws, which tend to absorb and lose heat quickly. For old dogs and teething puppies alike, the Chillax Cool Bone Toy will provide hours of refreshing chewing. Simply soak it, fill with water, place it in the freezer overnight and treat your dog the next day!

A puppy keeping cool with a Chillax Cool Bone
5. Stock up on enough food and snacks to keep them happy

If you’re going on a day trip or a holiday with your pet, make sure you’re stocked up on enough food and snacks to keep them happy. Stick to the same food and meal times that your furry friend is used to at home, so that their daily routine isn’t disrupted. The collapsible Beco Travel Bowl’s compact design ensures that you can take it anywhere, so your pet will never miss a meal or drink whilst exploring the great outdoors!

A beagle staying hydrated with a Beco Collapsible Travel Bowl
5. Never leave your pet in the car, even for a few minutes

Everybody knows you should never leave your pet in a car in warm weather. What fewer people know is that the same applies to caravans! Just like a car, the temperature inside can be double the temperature outside, so opening a window simply isn’t enough to keep a car or caravan cool.


A dog and a cat sitting in a car with the window wide open