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How to analyse your pup’s poop

Here at Monster we care about every aspect of your pooch and every aspect of their health including their poop, so we have made for you a guide to get a scoop on your fury friends’ poops!



Some warning signs that your dog may be having some problems can be detected in the consistency of their waste. These could include:


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The Jackson Pollock: If your pet’s poop is extremely watery and runny this is an extreme sign of diarrhoea, and that something may be disturbing their stomach, they may have a possible allergy or they may have digested something that they shouldn’t have, in these cases it is always best to consult your vet.

Soft Serve: If your pet’s poop is loose but still forming as a shape, they are showing signs of mild diarrhoea, this poop will also be hard to pick up. This is a clear indication your dog’s diet may need to be adjusted.

The Old Caterpillar: If your pet’s poop is extremely dry, in small lumps and cracked, this is a big sign of constipation. This can be caused by dehydration, a fibre deficiency or other health issues.

Marbles: If your pet’s poop is coming out in small hard lumps and your pet is clearly straining, this is a sign of extreme constipation. If this a persistent thing and hydration, and more fibre has not improved this, speak to your vet.



Some more warning signs your dog is struggling with their poop can be shown in the colour of the poop they produce, this includes:

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Black: Seeing Black poop could be a sign of serious health concerns about blood in the poop with either an intestinal or stomach related issue. They could also have digested something bad; you may need to speak to your vet if this persists.

Red: Seeing red is a sure sign of blood. This could result from: Colon inflammation or bleeding in their

gastrointestinal tract, an injury in your dog’s rectum, or serious health problems and medical treatment should be sought immediately.

Brown with white spots: If their poop has little white specks in it, your dog might have worms. Take your pet to the vet soon than later or treat them asap with worming treatment.



An ideal pooch poop looks like a good formed textural sausage, with a soft but firm consistency. This will be brown in colour but can sometimes be darker or lighter brown. The volume should always be equivalent of what they are eating, and a good routine will be in place!