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How to help your pets have a fun Easter

Easter weekend is a great time to get the kids together. With many activities and competitions for them to Pastel Easter Egg Clipart | Clipart Panda - Free Clipart Images | Easter egg coloring pages, Easter images, Easter clipartplay, your kids will definitely have a fun packed day. But what about your little monsters? Whether your monster is a socialite, or more of a ‘sit in a quiet room and read’ type of pet, we have some ideas on how you can help them have a fun Easter.

Not a fan of the Easter Bunny?

Download Dog Grooming Pals - Dog Easter Png - Full Size PNG Image - PNGkitIf your Monster tends to get anxious during large gatherings, they may need something to help them keep calm. Locking your pet in a room by themselves can also trigger some anxieties. An Adaptil Calming Collar may be just what your pup needs to keep cool, calm and collected during the Easter excitement, or even a KONG to keep them occupied!

For feline friends, opt for a Feliway Calming Diffuser, which you can plug into hectic rooms, or even a quiet room for when they want a moment to themselves. We also have Beapher Calming Treats so you can let your kitty know they’re doing a great job!

Ideas for natural hunters

If your pup is eager to join in in all the fun, create an Easter ‘egg’ hunt for them! Hide their favourite treats around the house – or even the garden, and sit back and watch as they sniff out the goodies.

If you have a senior pet, place their treats in an easy to reach spot to make the hunt enjoyable for them too!

Remember to do this before laying out real chocolate, or after every chocolate egg has definitely been found – a poorly tummy can be a real mood killer!

For cats, find some hallow plastic eggs and stuff them with catnip, or even place catnip treats around your home! Cats are great at climbing and getting into small spaces (as we all know!) so you can really have some fun in picking tricky spots for them. If your cat is finding it hard to locate the treats, use a wand to guide them!