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How to treat your pet (and home) for fleas

So, your pet has fleas, and a spot-on treatment doesn’t seem to be getting rid of them… why? Before jumping to the conclusion that the product isn’t working make sure you have gotten rid of the fleas currently on your pet and around your home first.

How to treat your pet for fleas

We would suggest first combing out any prominent fleas and eggs that you can see on your pet’s body and face.

Then, give your pet a bath using either regular pet shampoo, or a special flea & tick shampoo. Whilst your pet is still in the bath, remove any fleas and eggs that appear and check for more.Fleas in Cats - CWVC Limited

When your pet is out of the bath, use a flea spray to spray their body and kill any remaining fleas and eggs, and give them a good brush to try get out as many fleas and eggs as you can, eggs that are alive will bleed once they’ve been killed.

We would suggest repeating this daily until you no longer find any fleas or eggs on your pet and check regularly for at least a week after the last flea or egg is found.

From then on, use a spot-on treatment, or tablets to protect your pet from getting fleas again.

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How to treat your home for fleas.

Whilst you’re treating your pet, you should also be treating your home. Fleas can hide in the nook and cranny’s of wherever your pet has wandered to, like under the bed, behind the sofa or in a spare room. Whilst you may have treated your pet for the fleas currently on their body, if they go back to a flea infested area, they’ll just catch them again.Signs There Are Fleas In Your Bed (2023) - Mattress Clarity

Wash all bedding, throws and other washable materials in the house including your pet’s beds. Wash, or throw away any collar, harnesses, or clothes they regularly wear – and if they are known for chilling in a wardrobe consider washing the clothes in there too.

To kill fleas on the floors and furniture we would recommend either a room spray, or a flea bomb (or both!). Simply treat your home with the flea bomb/spray and give your home a quick hoover afterwards.

We’d always suggest reading the instructions on whatever flea & tick products you choose to use, and as always, we are here for if you need any more advice – as is your vet!

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(not so) Fun Facts about fleas!

Fleas can jump around 30 thousand times in a row!

  • They can also jump very high. If they were human-sized then they would be able tFlea stock vector. Illustration of humor, evil, funny - 54840212o jump over the Eiffel Tower!
  • Fleas can lift objects 150 times heavier than their own body weight.
  • Females can consume 15 times their own body weight in blood on a daily basis.
  • Female fleas can lay about 2,000 eggs over the course of their lives but are incapable of laying eggs until after their first meal.
  • Once they have had their first blood meal, female fleas will lay their eggs within 35 to 48 hours.