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New Puppy Checklist

We’ve put together a two-part blog series on what to expect when welcoming a new pet into your home, and a helpful checklist of essentials you’ll need for a smooth transition for both pet and you.

Part 1 is all about: Puppies

So you’ve decided you’re getting a puppy, but are you prepared for what’s next?! Having a new puppy is a bit like having a new baby – they require lots of love, care and attention – especially in those early weeks. So what are some of the essential things you’ll need for your new pup?

Cleaning (up after them!)

With all the running around they’ll be doing outside, mucky pups need cleaning up! A hygienic stain and odour remover that eliminates bacteria, such as Simple Solution, can come in handy for removing organic puppy messes such as wee, poo and sick, and it’s completely safe to use around your little ones – pets and children we mean! And when you’re out and about with your playful pup, you must always pick up their poop so carrying a pack of BecoBags Eco Friendly Poo Bags, makes it quick and easy to clean up after them!

Comforting & Sleeping

Your young puppy will need to feel safe and secure with lots of affection, so the Rosewood Natural Nippers puppy blanket will go down a treat as it’s made from a luxurious plush material. It’s the perfect partner to snuggle up with your pup at nap time.


The right kind of nutrition is really important to your growing pup. For the first couple of years of his life, feeding your pup with food tailored toward the ‘puppy’ or ‘growth’ life stage is essential. You need to choose natural, high quality foods that focus on support his developing immune system, to provide the nutrients required for him to grow strong and healthy. BETA PuppyPRO PLAN Puppy and Hill’s Puppy foods are a wholesome way of ensuring that your curious little explorer gets the right nutrition for his life stage to meet his individual needs. Equally important is the right feeding equipment such as the Rosewood Stainless Steel Puppy Bowl, to help him get the best from his food. It works so effectively because it has a much lower rim, to make it easier for your eager pup to lap up his grub.

Grooming & Bathing

Keeping your new fur baby clean is a must. Make grooming and bath times a fun and enjoyable experience for your pup, rather than a stressful one. It’s a great opportunity to get your pup used to being handled, but you’ll need to be very gentle the first few times as you don’t want to put him off bath time and grooming for good! For an easy grooming experience, we recommend the Pet Head Puppy Fun Tearless Shampoo, which is hypoallergenic , free of chemical nasties such as sulfate and DEA, allowing you to give your pet a worry free soak in the tub.

Playtime & Toys

As well as being lots of fun for puppy and you, playtime is a great opportunity to train your puppy and provide them with rewards and treats. Depending on their age, different toys can be used for different purposes. A great general comforter toy is the Ancol Plush Rabbit, which can be used to keep your pup stimulated and encourage natural play. For puppies who love a bit of ruff and tumble, we recommend the Kong Tugger Knots Frog Toy – great for you both to have a play around.


Teething can be an unpleasant time for your pup, so to ease their discomfort we recommend the Pedigree Denta Tubos Puppy Treat which gently cleans your puppy’s teeth and helps soothe sore gums when chewed. The Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit is also a must have for teething as it helps throughout the whole teething stage with each of the 3 bones in the package recommended for specific stages of your pup’s teething to encourage safe and non-destructive chewing.

Training & Travel

At this early age, puppies are playful, curious and love social interaction. Starting training early  is recommended to make house-training easier as they move into adolescence and adulthood. Potty training is one of the first challenges to overcome, but it can be made easier with simple accessories such as a Good Boy Puppy Training Pad. You can make travel easier and keep your pup safe with a Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat, so you feel confident that they’ll stay put whilst you concentrate on the road.

Let’s Chat Puppies!

We hope you can try out some of our essential puppy products for your new pup! We’d love to hear your suggestions too, and what products you simply couldn’t live without for your puppy. You can share your tips and pics on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages.