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New Kitten Checklist

In our last post we offered some advice on what you might need for a new puppy. In this post we’re taking a look at what to expect when welcoming a new kitten into your home and a must-have shopping list of all the essentials to make your home purr-fect.

Hello Kitty

Kittens are cute, loveable and playful pets, but aside from their soft fur and gentle soothing purr, are you ready to welcome them home (and do you really know what to expect?) We’ve put our thinking caps (cats?!) on to come up with a short list of what you might need to settle them in and we’ve asked some experienced cat owners on Facebook the following question and got some great answers which we’ll share throughout the blog:

Cat-proofing your home

Your little kitty is a curious animal; devoted to investigating every nook, cranny and empty space they can find! As they love to snoop, make sure you remove anything that might harm them such as cords on blinds, electrical cords and toxic plants that they could nibble on or get caught up in.

Kittens and cats love to use their claws to climb up curtains and furniture, so invest in some throws for your sofa and make sure you have some scratch posts to satisfy their urge to scratch.


Don’t wait until you’ve brought your new kitten home to discover you forgot to buy a litter tray and litter! Our Facebook fan Christina agrees that along with food and water (and plenty of TLC), a litter tray is a must:

For a healthy and happy kitten, you’ll want to keep them indoors for the first few months (even if you’re planning to let them outside when they’re older). Therefore, a litter tray is a must-have. Cat litter tray liners also come in handy, for easy emptying and better hygiene, but you could also try the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-cleaning Litter Box which does the job for you!

Feeding & Drinking

Nutrition is key for your kitty, because at this stage in their development, they need to eat food rich in vitamins and nutrients that support their bone development, teeth and immune system. So choosing food that has a specific ‘Kitten’ or ‘Growth’ focus for their life stage, is important. We recommend Royal Canin Kitten Food which is richly formulated for kittens up to 12 months old, and helps to support their digestive system. As well as the right food, make sure you use the right feeding equipment. The Catit Shallow Whisker Stress Free Bowl has a low rim which is perfect for small kittens. Make sure you feed your furry friend at regular intervals (just like a baby!). A kitten should be fed approximately 4 small meals daily in the first 12 weeks; 3 meals daily up to 6 months, and 2 larger meals when they are aged over 6 months.

Kittens also need plenty of fresh drinking water, and the Catit Flower Fountain keeps water cool and oxygenated throughout the day to ensure your kitty is drinking lots of fresh H2O!

Rewarding your kitty will go down a ‘treat’ with her, so try kitten-friendly treats such as Nature’s Menu Cat & Kitten Treats which are great for your growing kitty and tasty too!

Grooming & Accessories

Keeping her coat groomed is important to reduce furballs and keep help her coat shiny. We recommend the Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush, that’s ideal for removing loose fur and leaving your kitty with a glossy coat. It’s also said that massage can help to reduce stress if your kitty is scared or anxious and is a great bonding experience.

A collar is essential for your new kitten, with an ID tag for safety. We recommend starting early so she gets used to having something around her neck.

Playtime & Toys

Kittens love to play. Whether chasing a ball or tugging on toy covered in catnip, they are curious and playful little creatures. Make sure you set aside time each day to play with your kitten, using toys that encourage action such as the Sharples Pet Speedy Hedgehog Cat Toy which appeals to her instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey, and promotes action and movement!

Let’s Chat Kittens!

Remember, cats don’t have owners, they have staff – so be prepared for your adorable little kitty to rule the roost! We’d love to hear your top kitten tips and what products you simply couldn’t live without for your cute kitty. You can share your tips and pics on our Facebook and Twitter pages or in the comments below.