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Reducing Anxiety in Your Pets

Us humans are not the only ones that suffer with over-thinking and stress, your little monsters might also be suffering from anxiety. As pet owners, it’s important to know when your four-legged

friend is feeling anxious, and how to help them.
Most pets are likely to suffer from worry or stress at some point, especially when something disrupts their daily routine. Whether it is bonfire night, you’ve introduced a new pet to the family, or if you’ve a naturally anxious pet, there are many ways to help your little monster keep calm and carry on.

How to be on the look-out.

Signs of anxiety in dogs

Your pup may not be hyperventilating into a paper bag, but these common signs can be a giveaway on how they’re feeling:
Pacing – running from room to room can often be mistaken for zoomies, but pups can also be known to pace when feeling anxious.
Trembling – an obvious sign of fear, your pup’s legs may start to tremble during stressful situations.
Hypervigilance – if your pet’s ears are pricking up at small noises, or they seem more alert than usual, they might be feeling on edge.
Yawning – a common signs for stress in dogs, take note of how much your pup seems to be yawning, it may be more than just fatigue.

Signs of anxiety in cats

‘Scaredy-Cat’ is a commonly used term, as cats are known to be overly cautious and jumpy. But if your feline seems to be acting differently, they may be feeling stressed, or anxious.
Hiding – whilst cats do like their alone time, if your cat seems to be hiding away during specific occasions, or for most of the day, they might be feeling unsafe in your home.
Aggressive behaviour – hissing, swiping or biting are not just signs of a misbehaved pet, but your cat trying to let you know something is wrong.
Change in posture – ‘puffing up’, arched backs or having their ears back more than usual can be common signs of anxiety.
Vomiting – stress can upset anyone’s tummy, so if your cat is feeling anxious, they may vomit too.


What can I do to help?

Calming your pup

To help your dog feel more at ease, it is most important that you stay calm yourself. Raising your voice or making a fuss might stress your pup out even more or make them feel like they’re being punished.
Creating a safe space for your pup to hide out in will come in handing during stressful situations.
Letting your pet know you are still in control of the situation by practising some basic commands will let them know that if you’re not worried, they don’t need to be either.

Dog calming products

There are many goods you can buy to help relieve your dog’s anxiety. All of these mentioned can be found on our Dog Calming page.

Give your dog a chill pill, with Zylkene calming supplements either by sprinkling over food or feeding them normally to your pet. Containing a natural milk protein that is clinically proven to have calming effects, these tablets are also very tasty and well accepted by both cats and dogs.

If your pup isn’t a fan of tablets, fit your pet with an Adaptil Calming Dog Collar. Realsing pheromones that come from mother dogs, this will provide comfort to your dog whether they are outside or in.

For those with a sweet tooth, Forthglade’s Natural Calming Soft Bites will be just the treat! Gentle on tummies and easy to portion, these treats have been crafted with a blend of camomile, lemon balm and lavender – yum!

Calming your cat

Like dogs, cats respond better in stressful situations when you remain cool, calm and collected. Lowering your voice and giving some reassuring strokes (if your feline lets you) will do them a world of good.
If your cat prefers to be left alone, or is prone to violent outbursts, it may be best to give them space. Build them a small den lined with their own blankets, and maybe an item of your own, to help them feel at home.

Cat Calming Products

Plug in a Feliway Classic Cat Calming Diffuser for some simple and effective pheromone therapy. Keeping this diffuser in a room most used by your cat, or in high-tension spaces, will send your feline some good vibes and help them settle down.

Feliway also suggest a Cat Calming Spray to use on blankets, pet-carriers or even the inside of a car. Purrfect for travelling, or around your home, this spray will help keep you cat stress-free.

Visit our Cat Calming page to shop more products.